Krav maga was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld during the 1930s when anti-semitic gangs terrorized Jewish neighborhoods and businesses, to quickly neutralize threats while simultaneously escaping safely. It emphasizes quickly neutralizing any threats before fleeing safely.

Core principles of Retzev include simultaneously defending and counterattacking (retzev), attacking vulnerable parts of the body (particularly hands and feet) while using whatever weapons are available – including your own hands and feet – as weapons against attacks. Training may be rigorous but reaps long-term benefits beyond classroom practice.


How successfully one defends himself/herself against an attacker is determined by multiple factors, including severity of threat and personal preparation of the defender. Krav maga offers various self-defence techniques which can be applied both unarmed or armed situations; students also learn danger signs recognition strategies to avoid confrontation altogether.

Imi Lichtenfeld was an internationally-recognized boxer, wrestler, and gymnast before World War II in Czechoslovakia. When fascist and antisemitic riots threatened Jewish communities, Lichtenfeld recruited young men from his sport martial arts training to patrol neighborhoods and protect families – however quickly discovered his sport martial arts training could not fend off street gangs effectively as fighting points requires different skills than fighting for life on the streets.

Krav Maga stands out from traditional martial arts by emphasizing simultaneous defense and attack. This approach allows practitioners to improvise based on any threat present rather than following set movements that might prove counterproductive during an actual fight. Furthermore, it encourages natural instinct-driven movement while teaching students how to listen to their bodies.

Krav Maga teaches women not to take an attacker’s intentions personally and to never misjudge or blame themselves for violent acts committed against them, something which should never happen and should always be condemned by society. Along with providing effective self-defense techniques, krav maga gives women confidence, security, and the sense of control over their safety.


krav maga training

Krav Maga will help you get into the best shape possible while also being an effective self-defense system. The exercises used to warm up, strengthen, and drill are intensive – they include interval cardio and strength training which will burn calories while raising heart rates while building the type of muscles necessary for execution of techniques you’ll learn.

Krav maga, created for use by Israel Defense Forces, is an integrated close combat system which incorporates striking and grappling techniques from various fighting disciplines like judo, aikido, karate, boxing and wrestling. Unlike traditional martial arts such as judo or aikido, krav maga does not follow patterns but instead keeps things simple so new recruits can quickly grasp and use techniques without memorizing too many details – an approach which also allows improvisation during real combat situations if necessary.

Imi Lichtenfeld was an accomplished gymnast, wrestler, and boxer before developing Krav Maga as its creator. However, when fascist and anti-Semitic groups attacked his Jewish neighborhood in pre-World War II Czechoslovakia he realized his sport martial arts training could no longer provide adequate protection from attackers on the street. Thus he came up with Krav Maga as an easily learnt, quick retaining combat system suitable for use under pressure.


Self-confidence refers to trusting one’s own judgments, decisions and abilities. It allows people to push beyond their comfort zones and accomplish difficult tasks more easily than otherwise possible. Self-esteem differs by appreciating all aspects of an individual regardless of mistakes made or strengths possessed.

Krav Maga teaches not only fundamental self-defense and fighting techniques based on instinct, but also confidence and a strong sense of survival for any situation. This is particularly vital as many attacks happen spontaneously and unpredictably – having self-assurance can help avoid attacks while increasing chances of survival by giving you the ability to respond swiftly in dangerous circumstances.

Imi Lichtenfeld originally developed Krav Maga for use by Israeli military and police personnel, before adapting it for civilian use after his military career ended. Based on Judo grading methods, Imi used a belt system that enabled students to advance from yellow through black belt ranks by earning additional belts based on grading systems used during Krav Maga training.

Krav maga techniques are practical, intuitive, and easy to learn for people of any age or shape. Training sessions are intensive yet safe as instructors attempt to simulate combat situations in controlled environments.


Training with others requires collaboration to effectively practice moves and tactics, while simultaneously developing teamwork skills that you can apply in real-life situations – protecting loved ones, colleagues or friends when faced with danger or attack is just part of what training involves.

Krav Maga is an individual self-defense system designed to offer individuals effective defense techniques against both armed and unarmed attackers, both standing up and on the ground. This hybrid martial art combines techniques from Aikido, Judo, Boxing Muay Thai Wing Chun Jujutsu that has quickly gained worldwide acceptance by military units as well as security agencies as an easy way of learning self-defence techniques quickly. It is taught worldwide in military units as well as law enforcement units – it has even gained worldwide military and law enforcement units who teach it extensively! Security agencies often regard Krav Maga as one of the fastest systems they know in terms of rapidity of learning speed!

Imi Lichtenfeld, the inventor of Krav Maga, was an accomplished boxer and grappler prior to joining the resistance against Nazis during WWII. When selected as Israel’s new army trainer in 1948, Krav Maga emerged. Under pressure to train people quickly for defense of a newly formed nation in such a short amount of timeframe led him to create what has come to be known as Krav Maga: refined technique combined with an aggressive mindset.

Nir Maman’s CT 707 System, used by Elite Training Center on the West Coast, addresses combative situations like street aggression, home invasions and multiple attackers. Based on Israeli Krav Maga techniques combined with techniques from other martial arts to create an intuitive self-defense method.

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