An effective pair of gloves is essential to effective training and sparring. From hitting the bag to drilling with partners or competing in an MMA bout, having quality gloves makes all the difference in performance.

As opposed to traditional boxing, krav maga fighters use throws and grappling moves in their fighting style. Therefore, an ideal pair of krav maga gloves must provide flexible protection so as to enable proper training sessions and sparring sessions.
Size & Weight

Size and weight of gloves is an integral component in selecting the ideal pair for you, influencing both speed and protection for your hand. Lighter pairs should be suitable for bag work while heavier gloves may be more suited to sparring with partners. When choosing between weight classes for sparring with partners or bag work/pad work. You should also keep in mind the type of training and competitions in which you may compete, as some require specific weight categories for their division.

Imi Lichtenfeld was an accomplished boxer, trained in multiple forms of combat including judo, wrestling and jujitsu. After Israel was formed in 1948 he was appointed Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness for their newly formed Defense Forces (IDF). Under pressure to train such a large army in an expedient manner he created Krav Maga as a means of simultaneous defense and offense with practical weapons use to target an attacker’s soft tissues and pressure points – creating an approach which was both simple and effective.

This glove features a durable exterior constructed of real cowhide and its palm is constructed of synthetic leather for increased resistance. Inside is filled with high-grade padding that meets all safety standards; and its adjustable wrist strap ensures it provides a snug, secure fit during rigorous training sessions.

Our best krav maga gloves feature breathable mesh palms to keep your hands cool and dry during sparring or partner training, as well as hook-and-loop wrist wraps to add support and provide a secure fit – making them an excellent option for hard Krav Maga training, as well as MMA clinch drills.

Krav Maga is a close-combat system originally developed for use by Israel’s Defense Forces, consisting of techniques from various forms of martial art – boxing, muay thai, judo, karate and wrestling among them – used as part of realistic combat situations with brutal efficiency.

Another defining characteristic of Krav Maga is “retzev”, or continuous motion. The aim is to neutralize an attacker through an uninterrupted series of defensive and offensive attacks; no rules should apply since Krav Maga isn’t a sport; practitioners are encouraged to follow instinct rather than adhering to any predetermined routines or routines.krav maga training

Imi Lichtenfeld established Krav Maga in the late 20th century. A former wrestler, judoka and champion boxer in Slovakia, Lichtenfeld gained extensive street fighting experience prior to immigrating to Israel where he helped protect Bratislava’s Jewish quarter from fascist attacks. When Israel gained statehood in 1948 he joined Haganah (Israel Defense Forces), and later served as Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness; given only three weeks to train each batch of recruits, Lichtenfeld created an efficient yet effective system.

A great pair of gloves is like the frosting on a cake: they should make your workouts enjoyable and effortless. Conversely, an unsuitable pair may cause uncomfortable training sessions; therefore, it is vital that you find one which can withstand intense sparring or bag work without wearing out quickly.

These Krav Maga boxing gloves were designed specifically to withstand the rigorous demands of Krav Maga training, with features including breathable mesh palms that keep hands cool and dry as well as dual-lock hook-and-loop wrist wraps for support and a secure fit. Their wide Velcro strap makes slipping them on effortless and stays securely fastened during sparring sessions or bag sessions; there are two weight options to suit both novices and experienced fighters alike!

These Krav Maga gloves feature thick and soft padding, which reduces impact for both you and your partner during sparring. However, they’re bulkier than other MMA gloves and may feel sharp on your knuckles if you hit hard against a bag or sparring partner. Furthermore, their padding doesn’t extend quite as far up each finger like other models do, leaving your knuckles susceptible to scrapes from hitting hard on heavy bags or sparring partners.
Comfortkrav maga training

Nippon Sport offers an extensive selection of Krav Maga gloves suitable for training for self-defence or simply adding power and intensity to sparring sessions, with options that match different colors, materials and ounces to meet all of your needs. In addition to Krav Maga gloves we carry shin guards and arm guards so both parties stay protected during training sessions.

Krav Maga is a practical martial art developed by Israel Defense Forces to address real-life situations with extreme efficiency. Utilizing instinctive movements and aggressive counter attacks to quickly neutralize attackers. This system incorporates techniques from multiple disciplines including Aikido, Judo, Karate and Boxing into its teachings.

Imi Lichtenfeld first developed Krav Maga in pre-World War II Czechoslovakia (present-day Slovakia). A famous boxer, wrestler, and gymnast by trade, Imi used his abilities to defend Jewish communities against anti-Semitic attacks before immigrating to Israel where he continued refining and perfecting his hand-to-hand fighting techniques and taught them to military and police personnel – eventually teaching it worldwide! Today Krav Maga serves as an essential defensive system used by Israeli law enforcement and IDF soldiers worldwide as well as civilian agencies worldwide! When combined with Close Quarter Combat (LOTAR) or other self defense systems it can be taught by instructors for all ages and skill levels!

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