No matter if you already teach martial arts or plan to introduce Krav Maga into your professional life, this instructor course will equip you to do so successfully. It will teach how to convey what has been learned as an active student of Krav Maga.

This workshop will introduce you to the foundational principles that form any teaching style, including lesson planning, conducting classes safely, and managing student safety.

Krav maga instructor courses provide martial arts practitioners who wish to learn self-defence techniques that can be implemented immediately in any scenario, as well as improving physical fitness and increasing awareness. They offer effective solutions while simultaneously improving awareness.

Through this course, you will learn to defend yourself in various situations such as attacks from behind, sitting or standing positions and weapons. This self-defense training is suitable for people of all ages and sizes.

This course also helps you develop situation awareness – including knowing what signs to watch out for and how to respond before violence escalates – by exploring things such as advanced defense against armed attackers as well as ground fighting techniques.

Your students will learn to easily understand and remember how to perform various techniques, while you develop a philosophy and method to make movement meaningful rather than simply an endless series of moves. Furthermore, you will develop skills for managing class plans, developing curriculums and performing student testing.

Over the past several years, adult demand for Reality-Based Self Defense (RBSD) training has surged, leading to numerous new schools and programs offering this disciplined form of defense that blends martial arts’ benefits of discipline, focus, and perseverance with real world effectiveness. RBSD can offer both these advantages while being highly applicable.
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The Krav Maga Instructor Course is an intensive training program. Comprised of seven levels, and including extensive physical and teaching testing, its completion can be both physically and mentally taxing; those who make it through will not only become better practitioners of Krav Maga but will gain a much deeper understanding of its techniques and their applications.

Private training may not be cheap, but it provides an exceptional learning experience. Under Master Alain Cohen’s watchful guidance and personalized feedback will enhance your capabilities; while his systematic approach ensures you reach success at every turn.

Your instructor training course should spark a passion for self defense instruction and change people’s lives for the better. Your students can expect you to make an immediate and positive difference through Krav Maga classes taught with a holistic approach, including both theoretical and practical aspects.

KMF-AC’s comprehensive and logical Instructor Course curriculum equips enthusiastic trainees with all of the essential Krav Maga knowledge and skills required to lead their own Krav Maga schools. Instructors learn to inspire their students using modern instructional methodologies; upon completing this program you will become qualified to instruct Levels 1-3 of our Krav Maga curriculum as well as administer testing at these levels.

Self-esteem encompasses many things, such as confidence in one’s worth and abilities. Though improving one’s own self-esteem may seem challenging, learning new skills and cultivating positive relationships are effective methods of building it up. Martial arts training may help in this regard if done in an environment with supportive instructors and fellow students.

The Instructor course equips you not only with Krav Maga knowledge and principles, but also the principles of teaching. You will learn how to plan class sessions, manage safety issues, provide feedback on student performance and offer feedback in regards to your performance as an instructor. Furthermore, this experience is invaluable towards building your success as a teacher!

Your instructors can assist in building a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of self-defense, teaching you to defend yourself while remaining calm and respectful even during difficult circumstances. With this knowledge under your belt, it will enable you to avoid confrontation and maintain personal safety, so you can focus on reaching your goals more easily.

Krav Maga’s core focus on human factors makes it one of the most effective self defense systems; popular among celebrities such as Hillary Swank, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser and Christian Bale.

The instructor course is intended to equip participants with the tools they need to instruct others effectively, from basic teaching techniques and dealing with students with disabilities, through dealing with students with special needs and more complex circumstances. Participants will acquire tools they can apply directly in any aspect of life from school settings or workplace environments.

Imi Lichtenfeld was an immigrant to Bratislava from Russia who, during World War II, emerged as a national champion of boxing and wrestling. While using his combat sports skills to defend Jewish neighborhoods from anti-Semitic attacks in Bratislava, he realized competition fighting and street combat differ significantly, prompting him to reconsider his martial arts and create what eventually became known as Krav Maga.

At Rock Solid, krav maga instructor courses will equip you with the practical skills necessary to defend yourself in an attack. Our courses equip students with confidence and strength, giving them the ability to act instinctively during attacks while not becoming victims themselves. Furthermore, agility and speed training help develop as you’ll learn how to move fast while thinking quickly so as to escape hazardous situations safely.

The GIC program is a seven-day course that puts candidates through rigorous physical and mental examination. Training pushes candidates beyond their limits, and testing requires them to demonstrate mastery of all levels being tested as well as any previous ones.

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